Do You Really Get What You Pay For: Box-Store vs Custom Ordering

Have you been wandering the shopping aisles lately, wondering what to buy? When it comes time to replace items or fixtures in our home we can easily become overwhelmed by the choices we are faced with. One of the questions we are often asked is the difference between the products we offer and those found in your local box store.

If you’re not sure if you should choose a box store versus custom made pieces, a professional designer can help – we know that quality goes a long way. We can show you where to invest your home decor dollars, and how you can mix and match less expensive items to complement your theme. You want your home to be a unique reflection of your style, family and special memories. If you buy everything from a big box store your home might lack personality. Cheaper items can often mean lower quality, mass produced stuff can also damage easily. If you have pets or kids, you might want to consider more durable, high quality items that will withstand spills, handprints, messes, paws and fur. A winning combination is a mix of custom made pieces, family treasures, a few seasonal accents and great design.

Let’s be honest, I have priced out custom made blinds for clients and I know the price difference – the cost is never comparable to box or department store pricing and neither is the quality. Even when the company is the same, the products will differ greatly – the density of the slats relate directly not only to the blinds durability but also its cleanability. The operating systems including ladders are also quite different so the ease of use is more than noticeable.  Does all of this mean that you have to spend a larger portion of your design budget on custom made blinds as opposed to the box store variety? Not necessarily, however you should be taking into account where and how your new blinds are to be used. The more you plan on using them, the more you should invest. If you have a window that is not used often you can save some dollars, just be prepared to cut them to fit your window.

Do you have any box-store nightmares to share? Have you ever wondered why your parents sofa lasted over 25 years and yours is shot after 3?  Learning where and when to spend your money on quality pieces will save you money and aggrevation in the long term. 

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You Win Some and You Lose Some

Well, you just cant win them all. We received word yesterday that we lost the bid that I wrote about in my last blog post. It was months of preparations, tweaks and changes and an incredible learning experience for me.

Submitting a bid for large commercial projects will always run a risk of not winning the job and when that happens we need to stop for  moment and take stock of what is really important. It would be very easy to wallow in self-pity or play the victim card. With any creative project, you put your all into your work and once you put it out there, you have to leave it out there. I think that is the hardest part of it all. At the end of the day, be proud of the work presented, know you brought your best to the table and hope for a better outcome the next time around.

You can never please everyone so start with yourself and never beat yourself up over something that is out of your control.

And its on to the next one…

(if you just started singing Swizz Beats you just won some major points in my book)

Great Spaces for Kids

Kids and parents alike will be happy to hear that there are NO rules when designing and decorating a child’s bedroom. A child’s bedroom will change its look over the years as the child grows and their tastes and needs change. So, get creative! This is your perfect opportunity to use your imagination when choosing colours, patterns and themes.

Make it a family project!

Get your kids involved by letting them provide input – it is their personal space and should be a reflection of their character. Allowing your child to help in the process gives them the ability to make their room a place they will love to sleep AND play in.

Have fun!

Does your child love baseball, monkeys or One Direction? Incorporate their interests and hobbies to help make their space personal and a place they love to hang out in.

Play with paint colours and don’t be afraid to take risks. Paint colour is easy and relatively inexpensive to change and your child’s room may see several transformations as they grow. Glow in the dark or chalkboard paint add an element of fun to any kid’s room, you might also consider hanging a piece of galvanized metal for an instant magnetic wall (you can also paint that metal with chalkboard paint to get the best of both worlds!). Inject fun pieces into your child’s room such as a beanbag chair or swing, hang a funky chandelier from the ceiling or use an animal print for your window treatment. You can incorporate big fluffy pillows or a race car desk lamp. Keep in mind, items such as a brightly coloured area rug is easy to replace as your child’s temperament and interests change.

Keep it versatile

Look for furniture pieces that will grow with your child. Invest in a bed that will accommodate your child from a young age to their teenage years or furniture that can be converted from one style or purpose to another. A sturdy desk and chair is a must have for homework and study time.

Keep it practical

Efficient and practical use of storage and closet space will keep your child’s room clean and organized. Use benches, book shelves with baskets, storage cans or sleeves hung of the wall or back of a door to help reduce clutter. Be sure to hang items at a child-friendly height for easier access. Bookshelves are a great place to highlight your child’s Harry Potter collection as well as framed art work made by them or their favourite doll or car collections. Using baskets on the shelves provide a place for smaller items that could clutter up the space.


These adorable chenille baskets from Capel Rugs are perfect for your child’s room regardless of their age. Available in a variety of colours and sizes they are a great storage option that will grow with your child.

A child’s room should be as uniques as they are. Don’t be afraid to take risks, get creative and be playful in helping them design a space that they will love to spend time in. Visit Tall Pines Interiors today to schedule a consultation.