Bringing Work Home: Tips on Creating a Home Office


Modern technology has enabled us to work from home more than ever before. Emails, tablets, smartphones and computer networking keep us connected no matter where we are, even in the comfort of our own home. This saves us time and money as well as frustrating commutes.

Before deciding where your office space should be, consider what tasks will be performed in your home office. Will you need privacy to make important phone calls or receive potential clients or guests? Maybe you plan on using your office space to keep track of household expenditures and pay bills. Depending on your needs, your office can be as simple as a nook in your kitchen or it may require a separate room. Here are some tips for creating a space that will be functional and attractive:

  • If possible, find a room with a door, this will keep your business separate from the rest of your living space and minimize unwanted interruptions and distractions.
  • Lighting should be functional. Natural light by a window is always best and task lighting such as a desk lamp or overhead light will reduce eyestrain.
  • Plan for twice as much storage as you think you will need. A filling cabinet, shelving with baskets and trays help keep your files and paperwork neat and organized and minimizes clutter on your workspace.
  • If you plan on inviting clients to your home, consider a small sofa or chairs with a table to provide a comfortable and professional seating area.

Working from home is a wonderful option that offers freedom from the stresses of commuting giving you extra time to spend with your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a designated space to pay bills and conduct your household accounting or to welcome clients for business meetings, your home office should be functional and reflect your style and taste.  For more design ideas visit Tall Pines Interiors today!


Many home offices double as a guest room. The use of Murphy Beds and Day Beds help ensure valuable space is not wasted and create a welcoming atmosphere.



Space Saving Furniture

Extra living space can at times be a rare commodity in a home. Space saving furniture will help create a less cluttered, cleaner look to your home and reduce stress when unexpected guests come to visit!

Create  Closets

If your closet space is limited, get creative when looking for alternative storage space. The right closet organizer will add 25% or more of usable space for your clothing. Consider adding a storage drawer under   your bed that can house your shoes or toy collection. Storage ottomans are a perfect place to store your blankets and can double as a linen closet if your closed storage space is limited.

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Sleep  On  It

Your guest room shouldn’t only be used when guests arrive. Consider using a sofa bed that can be used as a quiet place to sit and relax or read. The sofa bed frees up valuable floor space and opens the guest room up for the possibility of a multi-­‐functioning room. Multi-purpose furniture such as a Murphy Bed is an excellent option for guest rooms that double as a home office space. The bed folds up into the wall and disappears until it is needed. What is left is wall-to-wall built in storage and clear and open floor space for your office needs. In a matter of minutes you go from an office space to a guest room with little effort.


Multi functional furniture can help resolve the lack of space in our homes without compromising style. Space saving furniture is a practical and inexpensive option that can look great too! The design experts at  Tall  Pines  Interiors can help you solve your storage and space dilemmas. Visit our website to arrange for a consultation or for more inspiration on furniture options and products available.