Do You Really Get What You Pay For: Box-Store vs Custom Ordering

Have you been wandering the shopping aisles lately, wondering what to buy? When it comes time to replace items or fixtures in our home we can easily become overwhelmed by the choices we are faced with. One of the questions we are often asked is the difference between the products we offer and those found in your local box store.

If you’re not sure if you should choose a box store versus custom made pieces, a professional designer can help – we know that quality goes a long way. We can show you where to invest your home decor dollars, and how you can mix and match less expensive items to complement your theme. You want your home to be a unique reflection of your style, family and special memories. If you buy everything from a big box store your home might lack personality. Cheaper items can often mean lower quality, mass produced stuff can also damage easily. If you have pets or kids, you might want to consider more durable, high quality items that will withstand spills, handprints, messes, paws and fur. A winning combination is a mix of custom made pieces, family treasures, a few seasonal accents and great design.

Let’s be honest, I have priced out custom made blinds for clients and I know the price difference – the cost is never comparable to box or department store pricing and neither is the quality. Even when the company is the same, the products will differ greatly – the density of the slats relate directly not only to the blinds durability but also its cleanability. The operating systems including ladders are also quite different so the ease of use is more than noticeable.  Does all of this mean that you have to spend a larger portion of your design budget on custom made blinds as opposed to the box store variety? Not necessarily, however you should be taking into account where and how your new blinds are to be used. The more you plan on using them, the more you should invest. If you have a window that is not used often you can save some dollars, just be prepared to cut them to fit your window.

Do you have any box-store nightmares to share? Have you ever wondered why your parents sofa lasted over 25 years and yours is shot after 3?  Learning where and when to spend your money on quality pieces will save you money and aggrevation in the long term. 

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