Window Coverings Make a Statement in Your Home

Windows are the ‘eye of the home that frames the view of the outside world’ and your options for covering those windows are endless, limited only by your personal style, budget and needs. Window coverings can be the focal point of any room while also serving a functional purpose. Window treatments of any type help control how much light enters your room and enhancing privacy. The right window treatment can also help improve your energy efficiency by minimizing drafts. Add to that, fully automated blinds or shades that raise or lower at the suns highest (depending on the season) and it is easy to see how helpful today’s window treatments can be in improving the efficiency of our homes.

So what kind of window treatment is right for you? Here is a quick run-down of available window treatments available to you.


Blinds are considered a “hard” window treatment and help create a clean and uncluttered look on any type or size of window or door. Blinds can be made from metal, bamboo, plastic, wood or fabric and are extremely easy to clean.

Vertical blinds can add drama, strong lines and enhance the height of a room so they are particularly effective in rooms with lower ceilings. They allow for good air circulation while protecting your home from harmful UV rays.

Visionelle Sheer Vertical Wrap 1

A recent addition to the vertical blind family is the Sheer Vertical Wrap that uses the versatility and function of a vertical blind with the soft lines of a sheer.

Horizontal blinds made from wood or faux-wood are more expensive than metal or plastic but are quite popular and versatile. They can be used to create a modern and contemporary look or traditional and rustic depending on your home decor and style.

Faux Wood 5


Shades are considered a “soft” window treatment that ranges from elegant and formal to casual and simple. Cellular, honeycomb and pleated shades are normally made from fabric and add warmth and comfort to any window and room. These shades are typically available in horizontal and vertical styles with a variety of room darkening or light filtering features.

Roman Shade 8

Roller or roman shades offer simple, no frills window coverage that give any room a homey and casual feel.

Drapes, Curtains and Sheers

Curtains, drapes and sheers are available in countless colours, fabrics and pattern designs and suit any budget. Curtains can cover the entire window or hung as side panels for a layered look. Hanging draperies floor to ceiling add a “perceived” height to any room.

Pleated Shades 6

Layering your window coverings with panels or curtains creates a dramatic effect, adding dimension to any space.

For more information on window covering options or to schedule a consultation visit Tall Pines Interiors today!


One thought on “Window Coverings Make a Statement in Your Home

  1. You may want to look into window tinting as well. Window tinting provides added privacy, coolness to your house and provide your added protection with UVA and UVB.


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