Covering Up

Living in the Limestone City means there is an abundance of older homes. While these homes are chocked full of character, they also bring challenges to the owners when it comes time to update. Radiators in particular can be problematic as they are expensive to replace and not all homes are capable of being retrofitted with new duct work for furnaces. So what can you do? Aside from replacing your existing rads with a lower profile wall mount which still comes at a higher cost, you can cover them. Radiators covers will not only take any emphasis away from those unsightly rads by creating an architectural detail, they can also act double duty as a window bench or much needed shelf in an entrance way. The best part of building radiator covers for your new space? The covers are built for your taste and style to enhance the space to your liking. As an example, if your furniture is Shaker style then your rad cover can reflect that:


If you are keeping with a more traditional feel to your home, perhaps this is more suited to your tastes:


Even in small spaces like this bathroom, the radiator cover offers clean lines and a much needed shelf while not taking up too much space:


Radiator covers are a versatile and effective way to hide your rads without loosing their function and can add the finishing touch to any space. For more design ideas or if you are planning on renovating your older home, visit and schedule a consultation today!


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