The Right Colour Makes a Difference!

For some people, choosing colours for their homes seems to be a daunting task. Unsure of how to use this important design tool, and afraid of creating the wrong look, many opt for off-white walls and choose simple designs for furniture. The right colour, however, can change the way you look and feel about your home and create a look that truly expresses your personal style.

There are over one million colours, all variations or red, yellow and blue. Colours with a red or yellow base are referred to as warm colours, because of the emotions they evoke and their association with fire, sunlight and other warm forces. Colours based with blue are considered cool colours, relating to the sky, mountains and water.

 HighParkPaintSample          GrasslandsPaintSample

The sample on the left (Benjamin Moore’s High Park) is a “cool” green while the sample on the right (Benjamin Moore’s Grasslands) is a “warm” green

There has been a great deal of research into how colour affects our attitudes, moods and general outlook. Although we may not be aware of its influence, colours can make us feel warm or cold, excited or calm. Within our home, the proper use of colour can help make a room more  inviting or make a small room feel larger. 

When choosing colour for your home, remember that all elements need to be taken into account – the furniture, the walls, the floors and the furniture. Generally, larger areas, such as ceilings and floors, should have fuller or softer colours allowing your furniture and accessories to make an impact. If you have a number of photos or large paintings to display, hang them on a white or lightly-coloured wall to give them the most significance.

The structure and location of your room is also important – look at the architectural details such as a fireplace or interesting moulding and decide whether they should be highlighted.

Keep in mind that the sun exposure will affect the intensity of the colour, as will nighttime lighting. Certain colours have an architectural background that may be more in keeping with the age and style of your home, for example Williamsburg Blue as opposed to a more Modern grey.

Most importantly, choose colours that you can live with! Every year fashion and trends and while some people can afford the time and money to re-paint, most of us want a look that is more timeless. Take the next step in design and work with some new colour in your home – you may be surprised at home it can make your home a more comfortable place to be. 


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