Starting From the Bottom

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Interior Design as:

 “the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings”

 They also define an Interior Designer as:

 “a person whose job is to plan how the rooms of a building should be furnished and decorated”


So, why would you need an Interior Designer and what can you expect when working with one? Simply put, an Interior Designer is a trained professional with knowledge of interior design concepts and finishes. We understand the various genres and styles of architecture, furnishings, wall coverings, colours and fabrics, and we have the ability to put these all together to create an atmosphere that truly reflects the personality of our clients.

Some common myths about Interior Designers are that we are only used by the rich and famous or that we will take over your home and throw out all of your belongings. Rest assured, an Interior Designer will be respectful of budget and work with you to design a look that fits your home and its existing elements, your belongings will remain with you unless you prefer otherwise. Instead you might notice your Designer taking pictures of your treasured items during your initial consultation. What you have in your home and how you accessorize it can be a starting point or our inspiration for the design of your new space. Designers work on a variety of projects and with a variety of budgets – we can act as a consultant or supplier, a liaison between you and your contractor/builder or you can use us as an excellent industry insider. Because Designers specify and order large selections of draperies, furnishings, wall and floor coverings using reputable suppliers and quality products, you save time and money – doesn’t everyone want that?

Here are some tips for finding an Interior Designer:

  • Word of mouth – a good reputation speaks for itself
  • Check out their online presence – via their website and social media pages, are they engaging? Do you like what you see?
  • Check with local paint stores or home improvement stores – professionals use box stores too!
  • Interview potential candidates before you commit. Ask to see a portfolio of work they’ve done and discuss schedules and fees involved
  • Fees may be based on hourly rates, daily billing or fixed depending on the project
  • Get it in writing! A good contract protects all parties involved and takes away a lot of the guessing work.

An Interior Designer will use their skills to make your home design vision a reality. Whether you are looking for a small change or a complete makeover, a Designer will help your home tell its own personal story, room by room with every detail. For more of our story go to 


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